Meet Mel Wakely - Business Mentor & Mindset Coach


Mel is the founder of Video Queen® 

Business Mentor & Mindset Coach For Freedom-Focused Women - Where Video Is The Vehicle For Mind-Blowing Success. Ladies! Get ready to claim your millionaire retirement 🤑


Mel is a marketer with over 25 years of "big brand" agency experience. 


Mel combines this expertise with her social media knowledge having trained with Digital Mums in 2016. 


In 2020, Mel joined the online, entrepreneur space and is a self-taught video expert.  But it wasn't easy... 6 months of hard work, persistence and inner subconscious work have allowed her to ditch her visibility fears. Now, Mel loves to show you a quicker way to leverage the power of VIDEO to supercharge your business’ growth. 


If you’re a business in the online space, video content is now a ‘must-have’ part of your marketing strategy. It’s simply the quickest and easiest way to grow the know, like & trust factor. 


People buy from people they like and as nearly all online businesses now work purely remotely via zoom, video is flipping crucial to the success of your business. 


In 2024, the cost-of-living crisis and an ever-growing online coaching market, means visibility is crucial if you want to stand out from the crowd. I teach Video as being the foundational and most important part of your visibility strategy alongside 2/3 other layers (such as PR, Podcast or a Book).  Using video can quickly position you as the go-to expert in your niche and collapses time of the know-like-trust factor.  


About Mel:


Mel Wakely is a Business Mentor & Mindset Coach 


Mel has over 25 years of sales and marketing experience. Her work experience began selling ads to record companies on Select Magazine and iD. 


Mel went on to work for legendary PR stunts company Cunning Stunts (who famously projected Gail Porter onto the Houses of Parliament). Next, she worked for events & PR agencies on household names like Levi’s, Smirnoff, Tango and launched the new MINI for BMW in 2003. 


Mel brings a wealth of wise woman knowledge and learnings from her 50 years young life! 

Mel has transformed herself by doing the deep, inner subconscious work. She has found her life’s purpose and is on a mission to enable as many gen x women as possible to embrace social media video, grow a thriving business and claim their millionaire retirement. 


She is also a best-selling author with her collaboration book with Andrea Callanan – Step Aside & Rise. 

Mel still loves to be the life and soul of the party. Her kitchen discos are legendary, but a little bit less wild than in the ‘90s. 


She absolutely loves living and being part of an amazing community in Walthamstow, East London, with her husband and 2 boys. She loves English beaches in winter – Margate is her fav, all kinds of music from rave to Britpop, festivals and music gigs, red wine and marmite on toast. 




  • Do Gen X women have more mindset issues than millennials and why might this be? 
  • How to overcome fear of video in 6 short weeks. 
  • Why is social media video so intimidating and how to make it less so. 
  • Think TikTok is only for GenZ – think again. 
  • How to make money from Reels




  • Your Most Visible Year Ever – It’s All About VIDEO baby…
  • Easy Reels to Grow Your Business 
  • 5 fast-cash video tactics to sell in your stories every single day 
  • How to create 100 pieces of video content from 30 mins of video selfies 
  • How to get your first 1000 TikTok followers in 30 days (and why you need to get them quick) no dance trends required! 




  1. I’m a marketing expert with over 25 years big brand agency experience and 8 years in social media.  
  2. I’m a female entrepreneur who has managed to successfully relaunch my business after losing all my event industry clients in the pandemic. I used to be a marketing consultant for experiential event suppliers.
  3. I love to have fun & make people laugh especially through video content creation.
  4. I am a recovering people pleaser who loves nothing more than to giving value
  5. I have ADHD and my human design is Manifesting Generator 3/5 sacral 
  6. I will make your audience fall in love with video, once they see how to effortlessly skyrocket their income & visibility with short-form video-selfies (to use as Reels, Lives, Stories, TikToks and YT shorts).




You can reach Mel by emailing or connecting with her on LinkedIn or Instagram. 






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